the War of Fracture

Until just over three centuries past, the Immortal Empire ruled nearly uncontested from the eastern sea to the western wasteland. However, this changed when Restaien, a centuries old elven mage and city lord, grew frustrated with inability to produce an heir. After dismissing several wives and consorts, Restaien eventually resorted to taking a human consort in secret. The woman conceived and bore him a half-elven son, an illegal abomination in elven society. Restaien, bucking millenia of culture and tradition, took on several more human wives who continued to bear him children – seven sons and four daughters.

Because his territory was located near the fringes of Elven terriroy, his indiscretions went unnoticed for thirty years… at least until he attempted to officially recognize his eldest son as heir. The Emperor, of course, denied his request and made a counter request of his own – destroy the abominations, or lose his seat. Restaien responded by shoring up the city’s defenses and preparing for a siege.

The battle was brutal – for five days the soldiers of the Empire crashed against the city walls until the gates were finally breached. By the sixth day, four of Restaien’s sons had been captured and executed. By the seventh day, Restaien himself, as well as his firstborn son, lay dead. In a fury, the young half-elf’s mother snapped, unleashing a primal storm of elemental destruction upon the remaining elven forces. When the dust settled, not one invader was left alive in the city. High Mother Selreah founded her matriarchy that very day.

The High Mother led the entire population of Treth from city to city, deposing the relatively weak rules of the fringe lords and leading humanity in an all out rebellion against the Empire. For a hundred years the Empire tried to take back the land east of the Ridgeback mountains, but the distance from their seat of power was ultimately crippling. The war limped to a close less than two hundred years past, though the Empire still probes into human territory from time to time.

the War of Fracture

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