Humans are among the shortest lived intelligent races in the world. Not as sturdy as dwarves, or intelligent as elves, humans have long been overlooked in terms of potential and ambition. When they were discovered by the Infinite Empire they were little more than roving bands living on the western coast, malnourished and apparently ignorant of the land. Evidence suggests that they may have come from across the sea, but history has lost the reason why they may have made that journey. The elves took it upon themselves to shepherd a new flock.

Humans never took well to elven “guidance” – by the time many were sufficiently broken, they were already well past their prime. However, they made passable farmers, laborers, and household servants… At least, until halflings were discovered in the southern hills.

It was humanity which eventually snapped the chains of the Empire. After only a few hundred years under elven rule, the High Mother ascended and gathered the legion of fertile humanity to herself in the rebellion that would become known as the War of Fracture.

The governmental seat of the Matriarchy is located on a large island off of the western coast, though there are many human settlements in the remains of the former Empire cities on the western side of the Ridgeback Mountains. Beyond the mountains, however, most humans still live under the control of the Immortal Emperor.


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