Hibou is a small city in the Southern Plains of the Elven Empire.

It is an unwalled city full of dwarven architecture at it’s finest (at least, when guided by elven sensibilities). The towers which dominate the skyline are the twin buildings of the Order of Sante and the order of Sagasse. They appear almost grown rather than built – there are no harsh angles or straight lines. Indeed, this is indicative of most of the architecture of Hibou – even the homes are rounded and brightly colored. Between the towers of the intellectual orders there is a great tree whose branches almost bridge the gap between the towers – a span of almost 200 feet.

While it is known for its agriculture (particularly its orchards and vineyards) it is primarily known as being the center of intellectual pursuit – outside of the capital city of Nanterre, that is. It is the home of the Orders of both Sante and Sagasse, a brother/sister order dedicated to service and to knowledge.

While Hibou boasts a fairly even percentage of racial representation, Halflings do comprise the majority of residents – particularly the adjacent farms and orchards.

However, recent events in the Elven homeland have left the city sacked and the residents scattered into several refugee camps, the main population of which joined with the refugees of Cygne (currently led by Lord Embroll).

The city, as far as anyone knows, more or less deserted at this point. While the structures are still intact and the central tree is still flourishing, the city is starting to become overgrown. However, with the onset of Spring, it is likely to become a shelter for Outcast community – at least, until the Emperor sends a force to reclaim it.


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