The oldest (and longest lived) race in the world, elves have long held political and military power in the world of the Middens. In fact, in the no so distant past, all the civilized races of the world were under the direct control of the Immortal Empire.

As a rule, elves tend to look down on other races in the same way that other races look down on other animals. Those elves who have a soft spot for lesser races see them as favored pets, beings that require love, care, and a guiding hand. Others of a less benevolent nature see them as useful cattle. Elven scholars have long debated whether or not the lesser sentient beings have true intelligence or merely echo dimly what they see in their masters. They are not uniformly cruel masters, though even elves of lower station view rule as their right.

While not all elves are immortal, they are still incredibly long lived. This lifespan has a cost, however, in that elves are slow to change and adapt – a fact which humanity took advantage of during the Fracture.

The elves are ruled by a rarely seen immortal emperor who has led the Empire since its foundation. Many of the highest elven lords are his children, while a majority of elves can trace their lineage to his line. Birthrates, however, have been in sharp decline for centuries a fact which most elves flatly refuse to confirm. However, many dwarves and halflings can speak to the rarity of of elf children.


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