Dwarves were the first race to be discovered and subjugated by the elves. As such, most dwarves have no knowledge of their own independent cultural history. All that remains are dwarven folk stories, which most disregard as bearing any factual information.

As a long lived race, the elves have had centuries to wear down the independent spirit of the dwarves. Because of this, most dwarves view their elven masters kindly and fought on the side of the Empire during the Fracture. However, the Empire’s loss shattered the confidence of many a young dwarf. It wasn’t long before many whispered of a second war.

Knowing that his Empire could not suffer another blow as terrible as the loss of the western territories, the Emperor allowed all his dwarven subjects the opportunity to form their own vassal nation outside of the direct control of the Empire. Surprisingly few took up his offer. Those who did, however, began to carve out a life for themselves in the heart of the Ridgeback mountain range.

The dwarven city of Kezdet has grown slowly, but steadily. And while they still nominally owe their alliegance to the Empire, a new generation of dwarves is growing up with freedoms their fathers never had.


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