Bristor is a small town in the frontier lands of the Matriarchy – too far South to be influenced by the second seat of the matriarchy, Treth, and too far East to be influenced by the capitol city of Selreah.

It is a small farming community which, until recently, had been entirely without an official governing structure. Built around an ancient, broken elven watchtower, Bristor enjoyed a quiet prosperity that comes from being close to one’s neighbors and keeping out of the affairs of the world at large.

All of that changed in the weeks leading up to the Ascension of Treth as a horde of Goblins, fleeing from the Daoine Speir who were tunneling upward, descended upon the small community.

While a roving band of heroes and misfits fended off the first wave of monstrosities, the town was left to fend for itself in the months that followed. Refugees from the city of Treth arrived and seemed to be helpful at first – that is, until a heated argument between the leader of the newcomers and the owner of the local inn ended in the murder of the innkeeper.

The innkeeper’s daughter, Elayne, along with the youngest son of the town blacksmith, stole away from the town in search of the heroes who had helped them months before, finding them in the Uncut Wood, just east of the Ridgeback Mountains. With their help, control of the city passed back into the hands of the townsfolk, just in time for an entire goblin army to descend upon the town.

The entire city attempted to hold them at bay, but it was no use – there were thousands of goblins and less than fifty people behind the new walls of the city. However, when hope seemed lost, help came from an unexpected ally – the mysterious stranger Varju led a charge of mounted Daoine warriors to route and slay the goblins.

The city, now saved, was organized into an official government by Perrin Tealeaf, a halfling monk of the Order of Sante, who proposed that the town elect a leader in a democratic fashion.

Bristor is a small community made up of people who have faced many hardships of late. But they are proving to be a force that will not be overlooked in years to come.

Notable Populace of Bristor

Smith Family

Reeve Family

Carpenter Household

Other Villagers


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